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Tokina has one goal when we build our lenses: quality.  For more than 60 years, we’ve maintained a reputation for building the high quality lenses you rely on to create amazing images.  Tokina USA is a division of Kenko Tokina Co. Ltd, which is known for its optical manufacturing expertise. Our products are built with premium materials to ensure high quality and optimal performance.  We specialize in producing the highest quality fast glass in the world.  Our ATX 11-20mm f/2.8 PRO DX lens is top rated in the industry. We deliver the innovative technologies that allow you to take your photography wherever inspiration takes you.  Our innovation inspires your creation.


kenko tokina co. ltd.

We are a comprehensive optical manufacturer.  We manufacture products from binoculars and microscopes to filters as well as a full range of photographic and optical accessories. Kenko Tokina is one of the largest OEM specialty binocular manufacturers leading the industry in variety, innovation and technology. We hold the number one share in photo products in Japan and lead many countries throughout the world. Kenko company is the parent company of four leading camera accessory companies: Tokina, Slik, Hoya, Daiwa.