FíRIN Mirrorless Lenses: 5 reasons you’ll love them

FíRIN Mirrorless Lenses: 5 reasons you’ll love them

Pronounced “feeRIN”, the new mirrorless lens series from Tokina was created for photographers seeking high quality Japanese optics at a price that won’t break the bank. The FíRIN 20mm F/2 FE MF Sony E-Mount lens is the first lens released in this series and is a perfect match for lightweight mirrorless cameras.

Why we think you’ll love Tokina’s new FíRIN 20mm lens:

  1. The optics are phenomenal. The super bright 20mm f/2.0 design delivers a sharp edge-to-edge image and reduces exposure fall-off to a minimum. The resulting image is sharp, high contrast, and high resolution.
  1. Full communication between lens and camera. The lens is manual focus with manual aperture control but transmits distance and aperture information to the lens allowing the camera to utilize 5-axis Image Stabilization, Manual Focus Assist, and other features that require electronic lens communication.
  1. Cinema quality and capabilities. The “de-clicked” button on the aperture control ring allows you to select between click and de-click as needed. The wide manual focus ring, depth of field index bar, and large focus throw make this lens perfect for the cinema and photo enthusiast.
  1. Japanese Precision and Craftsmanship. Expert engineering and a carefully crafted finish give this lens the look of modern and the feel of tradition. These are features only a 70-year old Japanese lens manufacturer can deliver.
  1. The Name: FíRIN. Fírin is a variation of Fírinne, the Old Irish word for “truth,” which was coined during the Gaelic Revival in the late 19th It means, “that which is real.” It signifies “being true to someone or something.” And it represents Tokina’s promise to photographers to help them capture the truth in their images. With FíRIN, photographers can shoot with confidence, knowing that every image captured will be its own moment of truth.

Available early 2017.

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