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Eliminate IR Pollution - Eliminate Color Shift


There are two types of IRND filter manufacturing processes in the market today. One type cuts the near infrared from a particular wavelength and the other controls rather than cuts the infrared up to1200nm. The Tokina PRO IRND filter uses suppression rather than cutting to eliminate infrared pollution. Even though both methods can be equally effective, the former type of cutting is often prone to producing unwanted color shifts.

Durable, Self-Cleaning and Anti-Droplet

Hydrophilic Coating

When water hits the filters, it spreads into a film over the glass instead of forming droplets. This helps to maintain a clear view under a variety of weather conditions and for taking photos or video around water. Through a special treatment of the hydrophilic surface, this filter is also extraordinarily durable. This self-cleaning filter helps to keep dust and debris away with exposure to the sun or UV light, prolonging the life and performance of the filter. Ultra clear high transparency optical glass and chemically enhanced optical glass is 4x stronger than the normal optical glass. Wide-angle lens compatible ultra thin frame.

Redefining Technology

Tokina’s newly developed Accu-ND Technology is the new standard in cinema and pro imaging by redefining the combination of IR and ND filtering.

Precision Crafting for Cinematography

Tokina’s innovative Accu-ND technology is a revolutionary filter stabilizing the transmittance of color throughout the visible spectrum.

Ultimate Weather Protection

Tokina’s hydrophilic coating maintains a clear view under a variety of weather conditions and for shooting photos or video around water.



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