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SZ Super Tele Finder Lens

SZ Super Tele Finder Lens

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Quick and accurate long distance aiming at objects using tele or super tele lenses is not as simple as it seems to be. A narrow field of view makes the photographer hunt for a while until the object appears inside the frame. This waste of time might cost the photographer the perfect shot.

The Tokina Super Tele Finder Lens is a convenient accessory for photographers who practice long distance tele shooting like birds, celestial bodies, auto racing, fireworks, airplanes or animals.

The purpose of this accessory is not just to assist in aiming but even in tracking the target in a quicker and more accurate way. Suggested to use with a tele or super tele lens like the Tokina SZX SUPER TELE 400mm F8 Reflex MF and coming soon Tokina SZ SUPER TELE 500mm F8 Reflex MF.

Tokina SZ Super Tele Finder Lens emits and projects a red dot-shaped LED light onto the glass screen. Aligning the red dot with the object while looking through the finder will help you to catch the object inside the frame in a quicker and more accurate way and thus, to minimize the chance to miss the perfect shot!

Highlighted Features

Compact one-piece slim metal body and robust built

Tokina SZ Super Tele Finder Lens features a one-piece slim metal body with no moving parts. This simple design and robust built assures long life with less chance to break in tough situations

Tokina SZ Super Tele Finder Lens does not adopt a swing-out construction. This allows to keep the design compact and slim.

Horizontal and vertical calibration

Tokina SZ Super Tele Finder Lens requires red dot calibration before shooting. For this purpose there are two screws for vertical and horizontal adjustments on the top and left side of the unit. Adjustment screws of the Tokina SZ Super Tele Finder Lens do not come out from the surface, so the chance of accidentally shifting the adjustments is much smaller.

Automatic Sleep mode in 3 minutes and Power Off in 5 hours

The Tokina SZ Super Tele Finder Lens incorporates a shake sensor that detects small impacts and moves in 3 dimensions. When the unit is not in use (stays still), sleep mode will be automatically executed in 3 minutes to prevent battery power loss. Power will go OFF if the unit is not in use for 5 hours.  

Tokina multi-coating for clear red dot even in sunny weather

The optic of the Tokina SZ Super Tele Finder Lens consists of two glass elements sandwiched in one optical unity and incorporates Tokina’s exclusive multi-coating formula that provides a clear view of the red dot even in sunny weather.

Weather-proof body

The Tokina SZ Super Tele Finder Lens features weather-proof design. It means that if the photographer encountered rain during the photo session, the unit will keep function normally.*

* According to internal test: the unit was drawn 2m under water for 2 hours.

Battery power supply: 1x CR2032 (lithium battery)

Approximate battery life by brightness levels:

  • Level 1: approx. 440 hours
  • Level 3: approx. 360 hours
  • Level 5: approx. 230 hours
  • Level 10: approx. 28 hours

Long plate for wider range of cameras (included)

Included in the package is a long plate that allows different ways of using the Tokina SZ Super Tele Finder Lens with various cameras according to photographer’s demands and situations. 

Other features

  • 10 levels of red dot brightness adjustment
  • Optimal red dot size for aiming small objects

Package content

  • Main unit
  • Quick shoe adapter
  • Rubber cover for main unit
  • Allen key (large, medium, small)
  • Instruction manual
  • Warranty
  • Long plate
 Model TA-018
Model Description Tokina SZ Super Tele Finder Lens TA-018
Type Imaging Assist
Weight 41.5 grams